iGSat Plan

iGSat Broadband delivers reliable, high-speed, always-on internet access to homes without depending on the availability of terrestrial networks. Our network connects entirely via satellite. Whether you are in the city or the depths of the countryside or hard to reach areas, you will be able to enjoy broadband connection wherever you are.

Home User 8 GB - burst download up to 1 Mbps and burst upload up to 250 Kbps

Most suitable for basic access to internet, mainly for email, basic web surfing and messaging (Messenger, Hangout, Skypes)

Home User 12 GB - burst download up to 2 Mbps and burst upload up to 500 Kbps

For those that require frequent access to Facebook, Instagram, Internet rich media entertainment web-site, on top of their daily email, web search this package provides a higher volume package and higher peak access speed.

Enterprise 30 GB - burst download up to 5 Mbps and burst upload up to 500 Kbps

For small enterprises who may require iGSat for their business use or fro small offices with multiple users that require email access frequently. This package is suitable for small offices from 5 to 10 subscribers with the exceptions of router device

Enterprise 50 GB - burst download to 7 Mbps and burst upload up to 1 Mbps

For our Medium enterprises or heavy internet users who may need to frequently access high media content and services (Youtube, Facebook for Business, Cloud Services) and have more than 10 users who may need email or frequent large correspondences.

iGSat Plan Packages