Where is Cignal available?

Cignal is available nationwide and can reach even remote areas (mountains or beach fronts) and provinces. Because it transmit via satellite, service is not dependent on cable infrastructure. All that is needed is the installation of the satellite dish and clear line of sight to the Satellite.

Does the signal get interrupted during bad weather?

Cignal is a satellite-based subscriptions that requires a clear line of sight connection to the satellite. Rains do not affect the line of sight. Severe weather conditions, however, may block the signal resulting to temporary loss of connection. Interruption should not last for more than 5 minutes.

How do I retrieve my account number?

Gently pull out your SMART CARD from set-top box and check the backside of the card. For SMART/SUN subscribers, text CIGNAL<space>SC<space><12-digit smart card number> to 5353.*

*subject to SMS charges of your service provider

What is the difference between Digital vs. Analog broadcast?

Digital broadcast gives you crisper and clearer images, allowing you to maximize the features of your TV set, particularly if your using an LCD or LED.

What is Standard Definition (SD)?

SD is the broadcast standard used in the Philippines and commonly used by TVs with a *traditional* TV set or CRT (cathode ray tube).

What is High Definition (HD)?

HD is the highest display format for images and video, having more pixels than SD at 1080i (interlaced) display resolution. The aspect ratio for HD is 16:9.

Is Cignal for LCD or LED TVs only?

Cignal Digital TV broadcast is for all types and sizes of televisions. Your TV viewing experience is further enhanced on an LCD or LED set as these are already digital thus, more compatible with Cignal crisp and clear digital broadcast.


How do I apply for a secondary digital box?

Enjoy the digital experience in more than just 1 TV at home by having additional digital boxes, under Cash or Lease Plans. A maximum of 3 digital boxes per account is allowed, subject to applicable fees.

What are the components of the monthly fee?

Your Cignal monthly fees consists of the following:


Subscription Fee

Box Maintenance Fee

Outlet Fee (for 2nd and 3rd Digital boxes under Lease Plan)


Subscription Fee

Outlet Fee (for 2nd and 3rd Digital boxes under Lease Plan)

The monthly fee may also include fees such as Pay-Per_view event and Accessories that maybe availed.

Why am I paying for the Box Maintenance Fee?

The monthly box maintenance fee provides lifetime support for your digital boxes. if a digital box (under the same account) gets damaged, replacement will be covered by Cignal for the duration of your subscription. Subscriber may be charged for the cost of visit.

What is my Warranty coverage?

Digital box warranty for CASH subscription is 12 months. For LEASE subscriptions, Cignal guarantees replacement of the Digital box, satellite dish and LNB - accessories are not included. Subscriber may charged for the cost of visit.

What are the charges on my first bill?

Cignal bills one month in advance. your first bill reflects pro-rata charges (proportional fees from activation date to bill date), current monthly fee (for the current bill period) and advance monthly fee (for the next bill period).

Can I pay in advance?

Yes. You will enjoy additional free months by paying your subscriptions fees 6 or 12 months in advance.

What happens if I fail to pay on time?

Service may be interrupted or disconnected if payment is not received 15 days after due date. Reconnection may be requested, subject to applicable fees, upon settlement and posting of payment. payment posting takes 2-3 business days.

Why is my line-up limited to local channels?

Account has been downgraded for failure to settle the outstanding balance on time. Service will resume once payment posted.

What will I do if I will move houses?

Please contact CignalCare to schedule the dismantling and re-installation of the Cignal Kit. Applicable charges will be shouldered by the subscriber.

How do I change my billing and/or account details?

To update your account details, please contact CignalCare.


Over the Counter

LBC (except those located in SM Malls)


SM Bills Payment


Cebuana Lhuilllier

Territory Partners with ECPay Facility

ONLINE Banking / Others

BPIOnline www.bpiexpressonline.com

BPI Express Phone 89-100

BPI Mobile and ATMS

How do I request for re-connection?

You may ask for re-connection thru CignalCare. You must pay all outstanding dues and a P100 reconnection fee.

How do I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

You may upgrade anytime thru CignalCare. Downgrading may be requested after completion of your lock-in period, subject to applicable fees.


What is my warranty coverage?

Digital box warranty for prepaid subscription is 12 months. Warranty for satellite dish and LNB only are at 6 months- accessories not included. Subscriber may be charged for the cost of visit.

My digital box is already out of warranty. Can I order a replacement unit?

Prepaid subscribers may purchase a brand new or a refurbished digital box. Refurbished digital boxes are subject to availability.

How do I reload?

You can buy load from any Cignal Partners/Dealers, or from any Smart Load and V-Mobile Retailers. Cignal Reload Cards are also available in different denominations at 7-Eleven branches, SM Information Counters and all Cignal Partners/Dealers.

Can I load any denomination?

Subscribers with Standard Definition (SD) digital boxes may load Packs 290, 390 and 430. If the pack denomination you wish to top-up is different from your current one, please wait for it to expire before loading.

Pack 590 is available for those with High Definition (HD) digital boxes.

What is the Validity of my load?

Load validity is 30 days from the time of top-up. For SMART/SUN subcribers, you may inquire about your load expiry by texting CIGNAL EXP <CIGNAL account number> to 5353.*

*subject to SMS charges of your service provider

What will happen if I fail to reload?

Account will be inactive. To reactivate, simply load the account with the denomination of your choice. Failure to load for several months may require reactivation by CignalCare.

What should I do if my load was not successful?

To avoid errors in top-up, please make sure to provide the correct account number. For Failed top-ups, please coordinate directly with the Cignal Partner/Dealer where load was purchased. For Cignal Reload Card concerns, please contact CignalCare.

How can I apply for a secondary digital box?

Multiple digital box set-up is possible only for Postpaid accounts. You may either convert to Postpaid, or open a new prepaid account.

Can I convert my Prepaid Pack to Postpaid?

Prepaid accounts can be converted to Postpaid. Please contact CignalCare for details.