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CIGNAL Prepaid

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Cignal Prepaid Channel Line-Up

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Cignal Prepaid Ultimate Channel List r2
Note:  Price and Channel are subject to change without prior notice.

Cignal Prepaid Cash-Out

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**Minimum Installation Fee of P1,300 applies per installation activity.  May vary depending on location and materials needed.

Cignal Prepaid Requirements:

Note:  Price and channel are subject to change without prior notice.

Txt/Call  or Viber 0917-7791311

Txt/Call Smart 0920-9024147

Tel. 02 7006-1559

Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm

Frequently Ask Questions

Where is Cignal available?

Cignal is available nationwide and can reach even remote areas (mountains or beach fronts) and provinces. Because we transmit via satellite, our service is not dependent on cable infrastructure. All that is needed is the installation of our satellite dish and a clear line of sight to our Satellite.

How do I know my account no.

To get your account number via SMS.

Text CIGNAL <space> SC<space>12-digit card number, send to 5353 using Smart or Sun Subscriber

How much can be loaded?

Subscribers may load 200, 300, 450, 500, 600, 800, 1000.

If the denomination you wish to top-up is different from your current one, please wait for it to expire before loading.

What is the validity of the load?

Load validity is 30 days from the time of top-up.

Where can I buy load?

You can buy load from any Cignal Partners/Dealers or from any Smart Load and V-Mobile Retailers. Cignal Reload Cards are also available in different denominations at 7-Eleven branches, SM Information Counters and Cignal Partners/Dealers.

How do I know when my Prepaid load is expiring?

To inquire about your Prepaid Load expiry, text CIGNAL EXP <Account No.> to 5353. 

(P1.00 per text applies. Available for Smart and Sun subscribers.)

How do I avail of Pay-Per-View?

To avail Pay-Per-View, you can load at Cignal Partners of Smart Load Retailers.  Account should be active until the event.

What happens if I fail to load?

Account will be inactive.  To reactivate, simply load the account with the denomination of your choice.  Failure to load for several months may require reactivation by CignalCare.

Reloading problems (topped-up)

For Cignal subscribers, Please contact Cignal Customer Service through the following touch points:

Please provide your account numbers as well as date and time of transaction. If also available, please provide transaction reference no. and retailer mobile number.